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The 63rd General Assembly



The Sixty-third General Assembly

The 1996 Christian Reformed Synod

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The Sixty-third General Assembly

Because of the sovereign and eternal good pleasure of the God of all grace and power—the Creator and Redeemer—the Sixty-third General Assembly met at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, from June 6 through June 13, 1996. Of the commissioners to the Assembly, eighty-nine were ministers and forty-nine were ruling elders. Twenty-eight were first-time commissioners, an unusually high number. A spirit of charity prevailed throughout the Assembly, even when differing opinions and convictions were strongly held and keenly expressed. A warmth of fellowship was evident. A daily devotional service was a source of encouragement and challenge to all present. Devotions were led by the Revs. Robert C. Van Kooten, R. Daniel Knox, George R. Cottenden, Larry G. Mininger, and Rollin P. Keller. Hymn singing and prayer punctuated the Assembly each day. Most commissioners could leave the Assembly with a sense of accomplishment. Decisions that challenged the material as well as the spiritual support of ... Read more

The 1996 Christian Reformed Synod

The 1996 Synod of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC) was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 11-19. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church was represented at the Synod by two fraternal delegates, the Rev. Douglas A. Felch and the Rev. John P. Galbraith. The Synod was characterized by its usual free debate in an atmosphere of sharp differences, but devoid of acrimony. Several matters considered by the Synod were of special interest to members of the OPC: Women Ruling Elders and Ministers The 1995 Synod's decision to open the offices of elder, minister, and evangelist to women faced and continues to face widespread opposition in the CRC. However, by a margin of 122 to 54, the Synod voted to "not accede to the overtures which ask for a revision of the decision of Synod 1995 regarding women in office, but that Synod 1996 affirm the 1995 decision." Technically, the decision will be reviewed by the Synod in the year 2000. The advisory committee had been divided sixteen to four on the ... Read more


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