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Thank Offering



Abounding in Thanksgiving

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Abounding in Thanksgiving

Although consisting of only thirty thousand members, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church operates home missions, foreign missions, and Christian education programs far larger than those of comparably sized Protestant denominations. This is due in no small measure to our shared belief that obedience to the Great Commission stands central to the spiritual well-being of the church. Witnessing to the Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, both at home and abroad, goes hand in hand with seeking to glorify and enjoy the living God as the church's highest priority. In fulfillment of the Great Commission, the Word of God goes forth from ordained ministers of the Word. But it is not just Orthodox Presbyterian pastors and teachers who participate in the work of the church. Everyone in the church has a role to play. Prayer is essential, and serving in love gives evidence of the Spirit's work in the heart where others are lifted up. It is also the privilege of every member to assist in ... Read more


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