The Devourer Devoured

When Dad died, my brother Scott said, “The world just got a little smaller.” Indeed it did. Death had just devoured my greatest mentor. My father fought back bravely against the cancer that gnawed away at his health for years. But finally the dreaded moment came, and something bigger than any of us closed in on him. Dad was gone, and he was not coming back. Death Devours Anyone who has lost a loved one knows the frustrating helplessness one feels in death’s unrelenting grip and the overwhelming waves of its sorrow that leave us gasping for relief. At such times, death cruelly reminds us that we too will face him one day. We too will meet the same end. We too will be devoured. This reality is conveyed graphically in the literature we read. For example, in a famous scene in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness , the grandiose Kurtz is dying. He was a megalomaniac who had killed countless people in the Congo and then grossly sported their heads on stakes outside his hut. He eventually fell sick, ... Read more

Using Communications Technology for God’s Glory

Isn’t the Internet wonderful! You had a wonderful weekend with your friends, and you want to tell all your friends on Facebook about it. So you post a full report and even include moments that might look awkward for you as a believer. Perhaps you “Twitter” short and snarky remarks about someone or something. Your party was fun, and you have some neat close-ups of you and your girl (or guy) or of others that will make everyone laugh—and, sure, there are some questionable moments, but leaving them out would cheat the world of some laughs. So you upload it to YouTube. What harm would it do? It is hard to remember, isn’t it, that when we are taking part in an online social group like Facebook, using e-mail, Twitter, or Instagram, or posting things to YouTube, that it isn’t just our “friends” who will see what we have shown them, who will have our information appearing on their computers. Others will see it as well! Often those friends include both Christians and non-Christians. And don’t ... Read more


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