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Evangelism in the Local Church



Evangelism in the Local Church

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Evangelism in the Local Church

People expect certain things from a church. It’s the place they go to worship. It’s the place for the whole family to learn about the Bible. It’s the place to build relationships with like-minded people. Our expectations for the church should not end there, though. What about bringing others into the community of faith? What about educating people who do not yet know the Bible, so they can worship God? What about evangelism? Christ gave this responsibility especially to the church. This article has a very specific aim: to describe the primary role of the local church in the ministry of evangelism. Perhaps the connection seems obvious, but we need to remember the unique, powerful role of the church as God’s primary agent of evangelism. A high view of the local church and a commitment to biblical evangelism go hand in hand. In the words of Mack Stiles, the Lord “has a wonderful plan for evangelism: his church” ( Evangelism , p. 19). Evangelism: The Task of the Church Before ... Read more


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